Hello void – 6 years later

All this love

With great pleasure but with no amount of displeasure I have decided to bring this place back to life somehow.

Recent events in my life have placed me in a relatively calm and very determined state of mind, and after spending some time reading about the lives of some friends of mine, I have decided to vent in a more diligent and trackable manner than my usual venting means while at the same time providing whoever visits a place like this one with a little something about my existence.

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1309.01 – Weekend

This day was spent almost exclusively doing chores and generally making sure the trophy created on the previous day was completely flushed from our system. The day began late and slowly but soon enough ended up being quite fast paced and energetic until its end. Lots of useful things were done, and lots of contemplation […]

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About the Things We Stop Doing

Trying to pick up a new activity should be no new affair to any human: Sometimes desire brings us to places where we have nothing to do but want to learn how to do some of the things — and sometimes all — that can be done in such a place. We move from one point in life to another learning to do things and avoiding the things we do not want to do and the ones we do not have to do. A simple selection of notions and habits that mutate as we move through life.

Within the things we do, however, there is a fraction that lies within the realm of that which we desire and that which we cannot accomplish. These are the things that we often wish we could do but are not able to do for a variety of reasons.

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In the moment darkness falls many children come out to play. When darkness falls and the daymares come to an end, some fare crawl back and fro through the vastlands of reality. In reality we are awake, and when we dream we dream of realities beyond the land of those who are awake.

In the valley wherein we rest, and the lands wherein we live there is a path where we can be together, but together in despair under the light of the orbs we die. In the death that is life we transcend into dust and nothingness. We become one with the ether of the disgusting and the vastness of the gods of old. The collective absorbs our souls like the great fish of the sea feast on the lesser creatures of the hollow depths of the oceans. From something we go unto nothingness and in nothingness we remain from the moment we are born until the moment we die.

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Need Not? Want It All

Ever since I started earning money I have faced a lot of criticism on the way I decide to spend it: As someone who regularly cooks at home and almost never purchases any kind of thing outside of its own dwelling, I have plenty of money to spare compared to the average human. The fact that I refrain myself from purchasing things that I do not want also renders me able to get what I want whenever I want to.

Living with no debts is apparently a difficult thing to do in our current age: With banks and money-keepers creating ways to tempt their customers into spending money they do not possess, it is no wonder that so many people manage to fall into that trap after being illusioned into thinking they had something they did not. The illusion that credit is can be a marvelous thing to have… or a terrible curse to obtain. The problem with it is that it can be used to manage money through time, and to make small amounts bigger. The problem comes when people do not use credit like such a thing and instead opt for making use of it as if it was money they already had. The result should not be something alien to most people. It is simply nasty.

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