The Little Things

The past few weeks have been complicated in little ways that one would not expect.

Typing this from the comfort of our sofa while the girlfriend bludgeons and shoots many a zombie while we sip on our drinks is surprisingly relaxing. A few weeks ago, things were not as bright and simple as they are now.

This is a story about people not doing their job, though instead of over-specifying that which affected us, I am going to generalize with the things that annoy me about people not doing their job.

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As Weather Changes

This year was very particular in the strength with which its winter came to be. It was not particularly long, but it was incredibly harsh in that the temperature was massively low from the moment it began to the very last legs of spring. Cold all around.

About 2 months ago I decided that I was more than tired of the winter in the city and started going to every place I could in my bicycle. This created a slight change in my mood in the form that I was more energized all the time and I was also in a far better shape than previous iterations of myself at this stage of the year. All in all, life has been good.

Now that summer is finally upon us, things are changing in ways that I would have not expected before.

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A Series of Unexpected Events

There are days when unexpected things happen in one’s life. There are always things that cannot be anticipated and things that cannot be planned at all. Today was one of those days.

It all started with me waking up early in the morning before going to work: A fever was overwhelming me and I was covered in a thin veil of cold sweat. I was freezing, and in my frozen moments I decidede to take a day off and stay home to rest instead. A long weekend, why not? And so I stayed at home. Soon my condition improved and we we decided to have a nice breakfast outside to enjoy the sun. The breakfast turned into a planning session on how to enjoy the first days of summer, and then we decided to go on a mellow bike ride.

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Project Progression

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fearful Symmetry.”

Projects go and projects come.
Prancing like ducklings in a pond.
Powering mindsets before they are gone.
Persuasively people do what they are told.

Peers handling the tasks at hand.
Pressuring little things in our mind.
Passing from nerve into flesh and bone.
Practically tiring people until they are done.

Possibilities are no longer canned.
Picking ideas makes everything fine.
Profiting every of the actions performed.
Peacefully closing shop and going home to dine.

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Travel-Planning and Improvising

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Happy Wanderer.”

Travelling is something to be enjoyed no matter what happens: Having travelled to many a place under many circumstances, I have learned that the best way to do this is with a healthy mix of planning and improvisation — all with a few objectives in mind when moving around a travelling area:

  1. Never stand idle.
  2. You will sleep when you are dead.
  3. Any waiting line is a waste of time.
  4. The clock is ticking.

Planning will only get so much out of a trip done: Once something stops working and the oh-so-perfect schedule that has been prepared is ruined, there are so many things that can be done: It is either waiting for something to happen or getting things done on the go, which is exactly what I was thought to do when travelling since I was a child.

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