These Streets are Frozen

Winter as it happens in Montreal is not something that I am completely used to. Hailing from a place such as Mexico City, I am used to being cold as the city can get cold (and no heating anywhere… that helps), so coming to Montreal and facing snow and interior heated houses was not much of a deal… especially after I discovered winter sports (snowboarding) and started taking advantage of the snow in the mountains.

In the mountains.

Snow in the city is a completely different matter. After having the most active biking period I have had in my life (commuting every day from April to November), I have not had a very fun time as of late due to a severe lack of winter tires for my bicycles. The winter has been long and icy, and is getting a little old already.

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Time in Our Hands

There was a time in my life when things were simple and there was a lot of time to be spent on my own. After my time in college came to an end and I decided to get a job and do something, I happened to have most evenings (or mornings) and a lot of weekends to myself.

Looking back to those days, there was not a lot that was actually done during that time. It mostly involved cooking, playing videogames, and drinking. Whether those things were done on my own or with some company did not matter as not a lot of very productive things were done. Surely, there were some gigs related to photography or reviews on the side, but nothing substantial that has carried on to my present days.

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Never Stop

To say that the past few days have been nothing short of tiring would be an understatement.

When this year first began I made a commitment to sleep less and get more things done every single day of my life, which is somewhat something I used to do a lot when I started working a few years ago: I would sleep the very minimum amount of hours I could muster asleep, and then I would go through my days being very energetic but at the same time very tired. As things changed and my situation became more and more… human and less robotic, I found myself with less time on my hands merely because I was investing what time I had on my own hands into things that make me more happy but that use a larger amount of my time.

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As Hope Comes Along the Way

Today was a different day compared to the days that I have had this year so far. It was different in that I woke up with a reasonable mood and even took the time to take a shower just the way I like them to be: Slowly. I barely made it to work on time, so the downside to my long shower was that I almost had to run to work for this day.

Once I got to work though, I decided to take matters into my own hands to make the experience more efficient while making it more enjoyable as well. One of the biggest problems with working with something that you truly like is the simple fact that is easy to burn out, which happens to me all too often and is something that I really need to work on.

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All These Frozen Landscapes

The past few weeks have been interesting in many a way.

When the holidays started we were devastated to know about the lack of improvements in immigration laws that are currently plaguing Canada (in short: my partner cannot remain in the country for the long run), and a certain government agent did us the kindness of letting us know a few days before Christmas. We moved on, made some plans, and have been working on the next developments that will come in the future.

That was over a month ago, and now that we are a month within the actual situation, the most frustrating thing about the entire dilemma is the weather: The uselessness of winter weather within a city.

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