Your true self

Something new

Your true self. Something that should be easier said than done: And that is quite simply to look the way we feel and the way we are.

For the past few years I have taken much comfort in the simplicity of the clothes that I wear, which is mostly to say that I never really cared about how I looked as long as I felt comfortable, which is something that only started to change little over a year ago, when I started buying new and better clothes for the first time in my life. Building an image to represent myself was much easier than I would have imagined as it only took a few months to build a wardrobe that I truly liked and that allowed me to comfortably dress throughout an entire week. These clothes dictated the way other people and shaped their perception of myself.

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Winter comes

I see nothing

This year has been quite an accomplishment as far as my physical condition goes: Biked something close to 3000 kilometers throughout the entire year and managed to stay in shape for the greatest part… which was quite the accomplishment after I managed to damage one of my knees at the end of last year and spent the best part of Winter sitting on my rear doing nothing and regretting the decisions that lead me towards the injury in the first place.

Fortunately a decision was made to work out as much as possible during the Summer, and with the introduction of fixed gear riding into my life, my condition and strength greatly improved… that is until the weather started being not so reasonable and cycling was abandoned in order to make use of public transportation.

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From the void to the light

Night rides

There are things that can be seen from quite the distance – things that one can prepare for – that usually have their own type of consequence and that offer a special type of result. In my case, something has happened since the last time that something was written in this blog that forever changed everything that will come afterwards.

Simply put, I found something that truly inspires me and something that makes me want more from the world and from myself at all times.

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Hello void – 6 years later

All this love

With great pleasure but with no amount of displeasure I have decided to bring this place back to life somehow.

Recent events in my life have placed me in a relatively calm and very determined state of mind, and after spending some time reading about the lives of some friends of mine, I have decided to vent in a more diligent and trackable manner than my usual venting means while at the same time providing whoever visits a place like this one with a little something about my existence.

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1309.01 – Weekend

This day was spent almost exclusively doing chores and generally making sure the trophy created on the previous day was completely flushed from our system. The day began late and slowly but soon enough ended up being quite fast paced and energetic until its end. Lots of useful things were done, and lots of contemplation […]

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