While not an integral part of my life anymore, blogging has been one of my main leisure activities for the past 13 years. What initially started as a tool for me to venture into the unknown — into alternative culture, the occult, and silly fantasy videogames — eventually became a way of living and part of my revenue when I was still a student.

As of late I mostly use blogging as a way to pass time or to explore ideas that would otherwise just circulate in my mind endlessly. I also review music albums and shows whenever I remember that I have a blog for that purpose.

I am a Canadian Citizen born and raised in Mexico City. I absolutely detest public transportation and have been using a track bike with only one brake as my primary means of transportation year-round, which includes winter cycling. When not riding my fixed gear bicycle, I ride a 2013 Specialized Tricross that I often use as a bikepacking/biketouring rig, depending on the hardware we have available. My evenings are mostly spent editing pictures, playing the occasional videogame, and listening to music that my neighbours probably deem too aggressive, obscure, or both. The past few years of my life have been spent in Videogame QA jobs that started with me as a videogame tester in 2011 and have led me to a Project Management position within the same industry.

This blog was created after I decided to move from the greater sphere of blogging, as I was running or co-running over 7 different blogs — most of them full time, and instead opted for a more relaxed approach to the whole blogging ordeal.